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Stephen Saar – Owner/Operator

About the Gym

Platinum Fitness is the most respected fitness centre in Innisfail. The gym is centrally located just one block off Main street in Innisfail.

In 2007, Platinum Fitness was taken over by Stephen Saar, who continues to run the gym at the exceptional standards its reputation is built on.

Stephen graduated from Innisfail High School in 1999 and in 2006 he received his AFLCA-recognized certification as a personal trainer. As a member of organized sports in Innisfail throughout his childhood, Stephen understands the importance of contributions from businesses in the community in order to keep these organizations strong and in working order – as such Platinum Fitness has been a proud supporter of the Innisfail community.

Year Established

Hour Access Available

Current Members

Gym Rules

  1. Remove outdoor footwear at the entrance door.
  2. All persons must sign at the front desk before using the facility. Present membership card if requested.
  3. Abuse of the equipment will not be tolerated.
  4. Alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are not permitted on the premises.
  5. Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or any other intoxicant are not permitted on the premises.
  6. No persons without proper permission/authorization shall be permitted on the premises while staff members are not present. Anyone found to be permitting access to people without a membership and/or access card may be faced with the SUSPENSION or TERMINATION of their membership.
  7. Proper gym wear and CLEAN INDOOR SHOES shall be worn at all times.
  8. Use common sense while exercising. Do not exceed your normal limitations. Platinum Fitness recommends working out with a partner at all times.
  9. Loud or abusive actions and/or language will not be tolerated.
  10. Platinum Fitness is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  11. Parents are responsible for children at all times while accompanying them to the facility. Children (14 years of age and under) are not permitted on any equipment at any time without proper supervision and staff presence, and must remain out of the workout area(s). All children’s activities will take place in the child-minding area provided.
  12. Platinum Fitness reserves the right to suspend or revoke any membership at any time. Access cards must be returned upon Platinum Fitness’ request.

What People are Saying


If your looking for a gym in town.. and not wanting to be judged..just come in and do your own thing., Sign up here!

Prices are great with 24/7 access

Large clean change rooms and everything you need to build the perfect body! The ONLY place in town with a prone hamstring curl & proper leg press!


24 hr with a membership, good for weight training with free weights. All the machines you need but focused on strength training, vs other gyms that cater to cardio. The price is excellent for someone who wants a basic cardio warmup and a solid weight workout.


Great workout, a wide variety of great equipment. Great price for membership


Yes, it may not have alot of fancy equipment, but the knowledgeable and friendly service that meets everyone’s goals is exactly what a person needs no matter how old you are. Steve is the guy to see for any questions or advice.


Old school nothing fancy nothing to confuse, get in and get your workout done. People there are excellent if you don’t know ask someone will always ask.


Great gym …owner steve very helpful and knowledgeable.

In the Community

Having grown up in the Innisfail community, the owner/operator of Platinum Fitness, Stephen Saar, has a strong connection to the people the gym serves. This relationship and his commitment to supporting the community has lead Platinum Fitness to be very active in sponsorship of organizations including:

Innisfail Victim Services - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Rotary Club of Innisfail - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Innisfail - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Big Brothers & Big Sisters - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Dean Turnquist Road Hockey Tournament - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Innisfail Dolphins Swin Club - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Innisfail Minor Hockey - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Innisfail Hurricanes Water Polo Club - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Innisfail Eagles - Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship
Platinum Fitness Flyers Logo - Platinum Fitness Innisfail - Sponsorship