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Amy Heintz - Personal Training

Amy Heintz

CanFitPro – Personal Trainer Specialist

Amy has been a personal trainer for almost 2 years, and on her own fitness journey for about 5 1/2 years. After spending years trying to lose weight and be healthy, she decided to get into personal training because all the different diets and workout classes didn’t seem to work or stick. Her confidence started growing as she started going to the gym more often. Over the years, she learned so much about fitness and nutrition—it grew into something that she absolutely loves. Now, in this next phase of her journey, Amy is exited to share her passion with others who need help getting fit, losing weight or just being healthier in general.

    Dale Jefferson - Personal Training

    Dale Jefferson

    Pre-Script Strength Coach Certification
    Pre-Script Programming Certification

    Dale is certified in strength coaching and customized exercise programming. Wanting to “get buff”, he started his fitness journey 20 years ago and has since discovered how invaluable resistance training can be. Struggling with depression in his 20s, he made the connection between mental and physical health through his trial and error. He understands the impact that lifestyle can have on a person, and he is now dedicating his life to helping others move and live better.

    Dale is continually updating his education and knowledge in the field of health and fitness, with Nutrition and Mindset Specialist certifications currently in progress.

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